5 Reasons Of BJP loss In Jharkhand Assembly Election 2019

Jharkhand, Nov 25 (ANI): Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chief Minister of Jharkhand Raghubar Das greets to supporters during a public rally at Plamu in Daltenganj on Monday. (ANI Photo)

It is going to be 20 years since Jharkhand was formed. During this time, Raghuvar Das of BJP is the first Chief Minister who completed his five-year term. Despite this, the first exit poll and now the election trends are telling that it is difficult for BJP to come back to power. It seemed at first that BJP could form a Jugaad government with AJVU (AJSU) and Babulal Marandi’s JVM if there are few seats, but as electoral trends are clearing Hemant Soren of Jharkhand Mukti Morcha (JMM) to become Chief Minister The fixed is visible. JMM’s alliance with Congress and RJD is leading in 40 seats till the news is written, while BJP is leading in 28 seats. The majority figure is 41 seats. We tell you five big reasons for the defeat of Raghuvar Das government.

Raghuvar Das’s declining popularity: When the BJP government was formed in Jharkhand in 2014, there was a wave of popularity of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. In the name of Modi, the BJP government was formed in many corners of the country, Jharkhand was one of them. Before the elections, no one had any idea who would become the Chief Minister from the BJP. Riding on the Modi wave, BJP performed well in the elections and Raghuvar Das became the first non-tribal Chief Minister of Jharkhand. After this, Raghuvar Das could not connect with the public in the same way as a public leader. They have to deal with the authorities or stay away from the local people. The public did not like Raghuvar Das very much as a Chief Minister. When the elections came, this talk became more intense. This time in Jharkhand, votes have been received on the basis of Raghuvar Das’s work, not on Modi’s popularity. Raghuvar Das is seen failing in his first test.
Unity of Opposition, heavy on BJP’s Ekla Chalo: BJP alone came out in 2019 assembly elections. He did not ally with any party. At the same time, Jharkhand Mukti Morcha, Congress and Rashtriya Janata Dal contested the elections together. There was also no dispute of any kind in the opposition. In a very organized and planned manner, the opposition fought their battles. At the same time, the ego of BJP was heavy on him. According to the trends so far, the BJP is still the largest party but the opposition alliance has moved closer to power. In this context, it can be said that in the electoral strategy of Jharkhand, the Opposition has placed twenty on the BJP.
Displeasure arises due to neglect of local issues: Para teachers were on strike in Jharkhand for several months. During this time, the attitude of the government was also dictatorial. Thousands of teachers were put in jail. Cases have been registered on many. Raghuvar Das said that instead of striking teachers, new teachers will be appointed. During this time the education system in government schools came to a standstill. Apart from this, the strike of Anganwadi workers or kitchens, the government did not make any effort to satisfy them. In Jharkhand all the central schemes continued to be implemented but no plan could be made for the particular state. Because of this, there was an atmosphere of disappointment among the people of Jharkhand.
The apathy of the urban voters, the lesson of rural voters: In the 2019 Lok Sabha elections in Jharkhand, the percentage of votes in urban areas was low while people in rural areas used their franchise fiercely. This fact is not hidden from anyone that BJP gets more votes in cities. This time there was apathy among the urban voters. Now the same thing is coming in the trends and results of elections. This time around five percent vote percentage has decreased compared to the Lok Sabha elections. Obviously, when the vote percentage falls, it is seen as people’s displeasure with the present government.
Declining employment, increasing hunger in rural areas: There were reports of hunger deaths from Jharkhand which embarrassed the country. Rumors of mob lynching to Chotkatwa also led to the death of people. Above all, what came out from the survey of NSSO is more disturbing. This report says that people in rural areas have reduced spending on their food items. The employment crisis has taken a huge form in the country. The condition of the economy is collapsed. All these circumstances worked to create an atmosphere against the BJP.


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