5609 corona infected in the last 24 hours in the country, 132 died


Covid-19 cases in the country rose to 1,12,359 on Thursday, while the number of people who died due to infection rose to 3,435. In the last 24 hours, 132 people have died due to corona virus infection and 5,609 new cases have been reported.

The Union Health Ministry said that 63,624 people are undergoing treatment in the country, while 45,299 people have been cured. Thus, about 40.32 percent patients have been cured so far.
Of the 132 deaths since Wednesday morning, 65 have been reported in Maharashtra, 30 in Gujarat, 9 in Madhya Pradesh, 8 in Delhi, 4-4 in Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh, 3-3 in West Bengal and Tamil Nadu, two in Telangana, and 1-1 deaths have occurred in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Jammu and Kashmir, Bihar and Odisha.

Out of a total of 3,435 dead in the country, Maharashtra has the highest number of 1,390 deaths. This is followed by 749 deaths in Gujarat, 267 in Madhya Pradesh, 253 in West Bengal, 176 in Delhi, 147 in Rajasthan, 127 in Uttar Pradesh, 87 in Tamil Nadu and 53 in Andhra Pradesh.

There have been 41 deaths in Karnataka due to the infection, while 40 have occurred in Telangana and 38 in Punjab. In Jammu and Kashmir, 18 people have died due to the disease and 14 in Haryana, while 10 people have died in Bihar and 6 in Odisha.


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