ABB develops PixelPaint for custom auto painting


ABB has recently announced a new pixel-paint solution to meet the millennium’s demand for more personalized and customized vehicle paint plans on Monday. Pixel Paint also includes an inkjet head, dosing control package, and RobotStudio programming software for dual-tone and decorative painting applications in recent times.

Pixel paint is available as a cell using two ABB IRB 5500 robots. In which it is stated by the company that non-overspray technology paints the targeted area using the nozzle sprayed together with the traditional atomizer, resulting in 100% working efficiency.

It is generally mandated to mask the bodywork required for about 10–20 operators per shift, with two operators also seen to be required to de-mask. In which the company stated that there is no need for masking or de-masking. The paint job can be passed only once in advance, reducing the cycling time by about 50%.

Michael Larsen, Managing Director Automotive OEM, ABB Robotics stated that “When we talk about today’s competitive automotive manufacturing market, vehicle manufacturers have been in need of solutions that give them high-quality paints Can help in finishing. 100% of paint with PixelPaint is applied on the bodywork surface. It is scheduled to be unveiled at the China International Industry Fair (CIIF) in Shanghai on 15 September.


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