After bang with other plane Aeroplane wings got fire


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Two passenger jets collided on Friday at Toronto Pearson Airport. When the plane of the empty Sunwing Airlines was being pulled, its wings collided with the plane of Vestuge Airlines. Who were coming from Mexico In which 168 passengers and 6 crew members were present. Passengers in Westjet Flight posted several videos on social media.

Passenger Stephen Belford, who sat in the flight, posted on the Instagram – the pilot has justified us that the sunning flight has collided. The video shows that the fire is flowing out of the wing. After which the fire continued to grow Passengers also panicked due to which People started trying to escape But crew members advised them to sit.

People were trying to escape from the panic. Westzet passenger Gastavo Lobo said: “The collision of the two planes came up to the inside. The collision was very little. Everyone was surprised to see that. “When an annotation occurs at the end of the video -” Everyone should pack their security box.”


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