Anti-CAA Movement: Magsaysay Award winner wrote an open letter to Adityanath and said, “You seem sensible


Magsaysay award winner Dr. Sandeep Pandey has written an open letter to Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on the police oppression in the anti-CAA movement, that a crowd of millions gathered in other big cities of the country and there was no violence, but the answer Why did it happen in the state itself? He has also questioned the arrest of social workers and human rights activists.

Following is the message of Dr. Sandeep Pandey’s open letter to Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath –

Open letter to Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath

Date: December 26, 2019

Respected Chief Minister,

I asked for an appointment with you in the morning on December 21, 2019. On not getting time, I thought that I should keep my words through this open letter. I want to say something about the violence and the attitude of the administration during the protest against the Citizenship Amendment Act and National Civil Register in Lucknow and the state. Lakhs of people gathered in other cities of the country and no violence took place. Why did I think this happened? After the violence of some chaotic elements, the action taken by the administration and administration in the spirit of revenge is even more reprehensible because in a democracy, governance is expected to work with patience and discretion.

Violence has been done by anarchic elements but action is also being taken against people with social image who have worked in peaceful ways throughout their lives and who have faith in the constitution of this country.

Advocate Mohammad Shoaib and retired IPS in Lucknow Sr Darapuri who, like me, was under house arrest on December 19, 2019, has been arrested. Mo. LL.B. in 1972 from Shoaib Lucknow University. While doing so, he was the Municipal Secretary of the Socialist Party and today is the State President of the Socialist Party (India). He has acquitted 14 such innocent young people who have been accused in various terror cases by fighting the case in the court. He was attacked by lawyers inside the court but Mo. Shoaib has never done violence to anyone in his life.

Darapuri is a human rights and Ambedkarite activist and has contested the Lok Sabha and Vidhan Sabha elections from this state. I had prepared with him a fact-finding account of Shahbaz, who was arrested in Lucknow from Jaipur in the 2008 Jaipur bomb blast case, in which we found Shahbaz innocent, Shahbaz was recently acquitted from the court.

Mo. Shoaib is also the chairman of the Rihai Manch, which Robin Verma, who works at the university, was beaten up by the police and sent to jail.

Congress Party spokesperson Sadaf Zafar kept trying to stop the violence going on till he was arrested.

Similarly, Deepak Mishra is a creative activist known for cultural activities and Dr. Pawan Rao Ambedkar is a professor in Rae Bareli.

Social workers or students I know in Varanasi include Anoop Shramik, Dhananjay Tripathi, Diwakar Singh, Ram Janam, Shivraj Yadav, Ekta, Ravi Kumar, Sanya Khan, Sriprakash Rai, Prashant Rai, Satish Singh, Raj Abhishek, Deepak Rajguru, Manish Kumar , Sanjeev Singh, Arpit Giri, Narendra Mani Tripathi, Gaurav Mani Tripathi, Shahid Jamal, Chedilal Nirala, whom I can claim to say are quiet Full methods have been performed.

I myself demonstrated in protest against the Citizenship Amendment Act and the National Register of Citizens on 14 December at the main gate of the Kashi Hindu University and on 19 December, under house arrest in Lucknow, which concluded peacefully.

If you leave the chaotic people and send social workers to jail, then in democracy, the space for expressing your differences by peaceful means and for those who respect the constitution will end and the chaotic people will dominate and the general public will come under their influence and violence Will walk the path of

Social workers have a very important role to present to the people creative options to express disagreement with the government. It is certain that the protests will be peaceful under the influence of social activists and in their absence there will be a danger of such demonstrations being chaotic.

The rest of you are smart. If you can reconsider your decision, then in the interest of peace and order in the society, withdraw the cases filed against the above mentioned activists and release all innocent people from jail.

Release want to say one more thing. After nationwide opposition to the Citizenship Amendment Act and the National Register of Citizens, now many Bharatiya Janata Party leaders have started saying that Muslims need not worry. But in the cases filed for the above-mentioned protests, majority of Muslim names are there, for example First Information Report no. Recorded in Hazratganj police station. Of the 39 accused in 600/2019, the remainder are Muslim except 3, while a large number of non-Muslims also participated in the protests, and all 16 young men killed in the state are shot dead. If the administration and administration will act against prejudice against Muslims, can Muslims be expected to remain confident of the government?

Hopefully you will reflect on my letter.


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