Big disclosure of China: People feared by WHO connection, reports surfaced


There has been a big reveal about the epidemic of epidemic diseases. In this revelation, the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) released a report claiming that China has threatened and threatened the World Health Organization (WHO) to stop issuing global warnings about the global pandemic corona virus. In this connection, the Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND) released its report to the Federal Intelligence Service of Germany earlier, in which a similar thing was done. Had come

A report from the sources claimed that the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) understands that China pressured the World Health Organization to delay alerting the world to the corona epidemic.

Frankly speaking, China had told the World Health Organization in the early days of the corona virus that if it issued a global warning, it would stop the World Health Organization from cooperating in the investigation on corona.

Along with this, it has also been told in the report that China was engaged in depositing other medical equipment including PPE manufactured in many other countries including the US.

Explain that this claim has been made on the basis of Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) document ‘UN-China: WHO Mindful But Not Beholden to China’. This article has been confirmed by two senior officials of American Intelligence.

At the same time, based on information received from the Federal Intelligence Service of Germany, it was claimed that Chinese President Xi Jinping personally told the World Health Organization Director General Tedros Adhanum Ghebreyesus to issue a global warning about the corona virus. Delay it However, there is one thing in this that the World Health Organization had told this report as a lie.

On behalf of Germany’s Intelligence Service BND had said- ‘On 21 January, Chinese leader Xi Jinping asked the World Health Organization chief Tedros Adhanum Ghebreyesus to stop information about the spread of human-to-human infection and delay in issuing an epidemic warning. Do. ”The World Health Organization said that there was never a phone conversation between Tedros and Jinping. After all this, the World Health Organization has reacted saying that the World Health Organization does not respond to the specific discussions with member countries. But the organization has always focused on saving people’s lives.


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