Can you imagine this book is not read by anyone in this world


    This world is full of mysteries and humans have succeeded in solving some mysteries but even today there are many stories in this world which are next to impossible to solve. One such mystery has come up, a 240-page book, which is not read by anyone till now.

    This mysterious book is 600 years old and it is written in the 15century and it is hand-written but no one has understood that what has been written in that book and in which language it has been written, it is known according to the historians.

    This book is known as “Vionic Manuscript” and it is an unsolved riddle, This book has many pictures from animals, plants to humans but the most surprising is that this book has some various pictures of plants and trees which is not found anywhere in this world.

    In the name of an Italian book dealer Wilfred Vionic this book “Vionic Manuscript” is named and it is believed that he bought this mysterious book from somewhere in the year 1912. Currently there are only 240 pages are left in this book as other pages are ruined with time and nothing specific has been known about this book but it has been known that some words that are written in the book are in German and Latin.

    Many people believe that this book has been written in such a way that its secret can be hidden and only the person who wrote this book knows this secret that what is written in this book or maybe the book can be read by someone in this world in coming times.


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