Congress’s lotus fell in Madhya Pradesh and BJP’s flower blossomed


The politics of Madhya Pradesh took a turn in 15 months. What Jyotiraditya left the Congress, the Kamal Nath government fell and the BJP’s hopes of sitting on power have now turned into confidence. After the resignation of Kamal Nath, now Shivraj Singh Chauhan or Narottam Mishra will take command of the state.

In the last 17 days, there was a fierce political game in Madhya Pradesh. It started with the resignation of veteran Congress leader Jyotiraditya Scindia. Along with Scindia, 22 MLAs also submitted their resignations to the Speaker. These MLAs also included 6 ministers.

The Congress accused the Bharatiya Janata Party of horse trading. During this time rebel MLAs were sent to a resort in Bengaluru. After the resignation of the MLAs, the Kamal Nath government came in a minority. But the Assembly Speaker’s resignation was yet to be accepted.

The Assembly Speaker initially accepted 6 resignations. In such a situation, the Kamal Nath government was trying its best to convince the rebel MLAs. Meanwhile, the BJP met Governor Lalji Tandon and claimed to be in the minority of the state government. After which the Governor spoke to Kamal Nath government for floor test.

On the first day of the commencement of the assembly session, the Kamal Nath government was to give a majority test but before that the speaker of the house adjourned the house till 26 March in the public interest in view of the corona virus. Angered by the proceedings of the Speaker, the BJP reached the Supreme Court on this matter.

Thursday 19 March did not prove to be good for the Kamal Nath government. First the Supreme Court asked the Kamal Nath government to conduct a floor test by the evening of 20 March. Then the Speaker of the Assembly approved the resignation of all the other MLAs. After the resignations were approved, the strength of the house fell from 228 to 206.

In Madhya Pradesh, 104 MLAs will be needed to prove majority now. In such a situation, there are now only 92 MLAs in the Congress camp, while the Bharatiya Janata Party has 107 MLAs, which is also enough to prove a majority. Now it will be interesting to see how long Shivraj Singh Chauhan will run the government after 15 months.


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