Corona virus kills in Lockdown 4.0


After the relaxation of the lockdown in the country, the corona virus seems to be increasing and increasing. By Saturday morning, the figure of Corona positive patients has crossed 1.25 million. While around 3700 people died. However, about 52 thousand people have been completely healthy among the people caught by the virus, which is also a big relief because in the whole world, India is the only country where the number of deaths is very low despite more cases.

Talking about the states, the situation in Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Delhi and Gujarat is quite bad. If we look at the latest figures, Uddhav Thackeray’s number of infected people in Maharashtra has reached more than 44 thousand whereas in Tamil Nadu, about 15,000 people are vulnerable to the virus. Talking about Gujarat, about 13 thousand 200 people have been found infected in the state so far. On the other hand, about 13 thousand cases have also been reported in the country’s capital Delhi.

Please tell that due to Corona virus, a nationwide lockdown started in the country on 24 March and now it has reached the fourth phase which will be completed on 31 May. In the fourth phase of the lockdown, the central government has relaxed a lot so that people can resume their work or business and bring life back on track.


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