Corporate war amidst outcry from Corona virus, Life Boy and Dettol trying to degrade each other


On the one hand, the world is fighting a war against the Corona virus on the other hand, on the other hand, corporate companies are engaged in the business of crores and billions by degrading each other. In fact, Dettol company Reckitt Benchkiser India Private Limited has told the Bombay High Court after a complaint by Hindustan Unilever Limited, a company making lifebuoy, that it will cancel its advertisement for a month. Reckitt Benchkiser India had created an advertisement which said that soap is ineffective and useless to fight germs, which cannot save people from diseases caused by germs. Dettol’s advertisement says that handwash provides better protection against germs than soap.

On the other hand, the World Health Organization (WHO) has issued guidelines that people should wash their hands with soap from time to time to avoid the virus. On the basis of the WHO’s advisory, the company making a Life Boy filed a case against Dettol in the Bombay High Court and demanded an amount of Rs 1 crore for inciting and misleading people against the soap through advertisements. The case reached the bench of Justice KR Sriram. During this time, HAL argued that on 12 March Dettol tried to tell through a TV advertisement that the use of soap and water to kill germs is useless and ineffective while the use of handwash is ten times more effective in avoiding germs. HAL said in its petition that in this way provoked people against the use of soap.

HAL cited WHO guidelines in court and said that washing hands with soap and water is an effective way to avoid corona virus. HUL said in the court that alcohol-based sanitizers have been asked to use only when soap and water are not available. He also said that every country in the world is saying that keep washing hands with soap and water, whereas in our country it is being said upside down.


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