Covid-19: The poor will die more, but the rich will also be victims of epidemic in large numbers, four suggestions


A few days after the introduction and spread of Kovid-19 in China, it has been clear that the world economy has collapsed due to this epidemic. After nearly three months of experience, it is also clear that the impact on the economy will be far-reaching. The long-running trade war between Chinese President Xi Jinping and US President Donald Trump has turned into a virus war with the epidemic. After getting rid of the disaster, other influential countries of the world will also join this ‘war’. That is, the political effects of the epidemic will also be far-reaching and the political map of the world will change. India too will not remain untouched by this change.

But right now India has a challenge to deal with the attack of Kovid-19. There are many types of estimates by experts.

It is being said that after the current attack a second wave of epidemic may also come. The impact of the epidemic can last for three years. If the situation of social transition does not happen in the current attack, then there will be a lot of defense. But if there is a social infection of the virus, then the condition will be dreadful. Due to the large population, extremely inadequate health services, unhygienic environment, wide scale unemployment, shabby economy, there can be large scale deaths. Obviously, the poor will die more, but it is clear from the example of Europe that the rich will also be victims of epidemics in large numbers. Therefore, India needs concrete immediate and far-reaching measures.
There are four suggestions in this regard:
In order to make the government-run healthcare network fully effective, the government should acquire the private-sector healthcare network through an ordinance without any further orders.
The government should establish a Kovid-19 dictionary. All permanent employees of the government and private sector, all MLAs and MPs should presently pay one month’s salary in Kovid-19 dictionary. Owners of corporate houses, non-resident Indians and celebrities give money in this corpus as per their wish.
Doctors have advised nutritious diet to increase the body’s resistance against Kovid-19. In view of this advice, the central and state governments should allocate the appropriate amount of money and ration for the workers in the unorganized sector, considering the family as a unit.
For the help of doctors, nurses, healthcare workers, each of the account-drinking families should register their names with the government to serve as a youth volunteer.


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