Dr. Aurobindo GhoseShah, in short the entire camp of Fascism.


Dr. Aurobindo Ghose

Everybody is concerned about the health, whereabouts and safety of Jignesh Mevani. Undoubtedly, Jiignesh is leading the struggle of Dalits of Una ever since the Dalit uprising began on July 11, 2016 after the public flogging of four Dalit youth belonging to the family of Balu Sarvaiya of Mota village. Jignesh and his team thereafter organised the historic rally at Ahmedabad where the Dalits took a pledge not to remove animal caracasses and demand 5 acres of land to each Dalit family as part of land reforms.

Thereafter as Convenor of the Sangharsh Samiti, Jignesh led the march from Ahmedabad to Una, starting on 5th of August and terminating in a massive rally at Una on the 15th of August, where Muslims and OBC joined the  Dalits in solidarity. Unmistakbly, in Jignesh Mevani, a leader is born  .
Now this morning 17th September, I see the news that Jignesh and 200 of his Dalit activist companions, have been detained in Ahmedabad last evening from the airport. He was later released in the middle of the night and allowed to move, but with the police in tow. This is what Jignesh called his “house arrest”.
Then suddenly, at about 9:00 PM this 17th evening , I saw a post on Facebook in the profile of one Potluri. Ramu, that Jignesh Mevani is missing.

I was extremely concerned. I shared this news with my friends in Delhi.
We were all very alarmed and immediately sent a message to Ms. Nirjhari Sinha at Ahmedabad who is like Jignesh Mevani’s  guardian, enquiring about Jignesh’s welfare and whereabouts.
I got an immediate, return message from Nirjhari Sinha that he is alright and safe but the police are trailing him.
I thanked Nirjhari and shared the entire conversation over more than 60 profiles on Facebook. I am giving the entire conversation below.


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