DWC Chief Swati Maliwal Falls Unconscious


Big news is coming out about Swati Maliwal, chairperson of Delhi Women’s Commission. Actually Swati Maliwal, the chairman of the Delhi Women’s Commission, who has been sitting on hunger strike for the last 13 days on the demand of hanging of rapists, has fainted. He has been admitted to LNJP Hospital for treatment. Swati Maliwal’s weight has also decreased due to the fast. According to the Delhi Women’s Commission, Swati Maliwal is not able to talk due to weakness. It is known that Swati Maliwal is sitting on hunger strike to hang the culprits of Nirbhaya incident. She has also gone on hunger strike in this matter.

Please tell that for the last 13 days, Swati Mal has not been eating and drinking anything. Due to which their weight has reduced by 7 kg. Late night, the team of doctors had checked up Swati Maliwal and advised to be hospitalized immediately. But she did not listen to the doctor’s advice and she fainted this morning. A member of the Delhi Women’s Commission said that today was the 13th day of Swati Maliwal’s fast. People associated with him say that no representative of the Central Government has reached Rajghat to meet him. She was very unhappy with this.

Swati Maliwal also wrote a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, but despite this, quick action was not taken against the culprits of the Nirbhaya incident. Nirbhaya convicts are still in jail, they have not been allowed to be caught. Swati Maliwal wrote a letter to women MPs from the venue of fast. In the letter, he had demanded the lifting of strict laws for rapists in Parliament. Swati had also said in her letter to her women MPs that if you do not raise the demand in Parliament, then I will hope that Rajghat will come and participate in the fast of the daughters of the country and will not rise until against the crime of women in the country A strong system is not made.

Delhi Women’s Commission Chairman Swati Maliwal had said that just making laws is not enough. It also has to be implemented. Therefore, it is important that the law of death sentence should be applicable to all rapists in six months immediately. Swati Maliwal has demanded at least six demands from women MPs in Parliament. Their first demand is that the culprits of Nirbhaya be hanged immediately. Because it has been 8 years since the death sentence was announced.


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