Solvakia-based organization AeroMobil propelled the business plan of world’s first flying auto on Thursday. The auto will cost around $1 million and it is prepared for pre-orders with its conveyance in 2020.

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The auto can keep running on streets and also fly, its tear like shape will help the auto to switch between the drive and flight mode in under 3 minutes. The wings overlay away to drive on streets and swing out for flying. AeroMobil Flying Car, showed at the Top Marques Monaco.

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The organization said that they are building up a few different vehicles like this idea and will make 500 units of this auto for its business accessible version, evaluated at 1.2 million to 1.5 million euros ($1.29 million to $1.61 million).

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To fly, the auto would require a landing strip or another endorsed place to take off, while proprietors would require driving and pilot licenses, AeroMobil Chief Communications Officer Stefan Vadocz said.


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