Follow these natural remedies to get rid of Unwanted Stretch marks


Stretch marks occur on the body of many people due to which they often feel embarrassed and to get rid of this problem people use cream and oils found in the market but despite these things many times stretch marks do not go but can also damage the skin. In such a situation you can reduce the stretch marks by these things and it will not cause any harm to your health.

Potato Juice- Potatoes contains starch and enzymes and this is why it is often used to lighten dark circles and blemishes. It bleaches the skin and helps to reduce stretch marks and applying potato juice on the stretch marks daily will give better results.

Egg White: The white part of the egg contains protein and amino acid which are beneficial for the skin and it also helps in reducing the stretch marks. Apply the egg white to the stretch marks daily.

Lemon Juice- It has a natural bleaching effect which helps to reduce stretch marks and use lemon juice daily to reduce stretch marks. You can also rub lemon pieces on the mark daily and it is very effective.

Aloe Vera Gel- It contains antioxidants that reduce stretch marks and apply Aloe Vera gel on stretch marks twice a day and applying this daily can give you quickest result.


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