Fully vindicated by PM Modi’s statement, claims Vijay Mallya


Embattled liquor tycoon Vijay Mallya claimed on Sunday that PM Modi recently admitted in an interview that the government has recovered more from his assets than what he owes to the government. However, it suits the BJP government to claim that he ran away and is still absconding. To that extent, he has become the poster boy for the government.

“I humbly submit that my assertion that I am a poster boy is fully vindicated by the PM’s own statement about me (by name) that his Govt has recovered more than what I allegedly owe to the banks. The fact that I have been a UK resident since 1992 is ignored.

It suits the BJP to say I ran away.”PM Modi had, in the interview, admitted to the recovery of Rs 14,000 crore worth of his assets, points out Mallya. This was higher than the alleged Rs 9,000 crores, for siphoning of which he faces extradition to India on fraud and money laundering charges.

Mallya, in his is characteristic style, issued the statement through social media. His latest social media intervention follows the interview in which PM Modi said that by recovering an amount in excess of what Mallya defrauded was a big win for India.

“You must’ve seen in the case of Vijay Mallya. He owed banks Rs 9,000 crores but the government has confiscated his properties worth Rs 14,000 crore from across the world. Now, he is in trouble because we are extracting double the amount,” Modi had said.

In reference to the comments, Mallya noted: “Saw PM Modi’s interview. So the highest authority has confirmed full recovery. Why do BJP spokesmen then continue with their rhetoric?” The former Kingfisher Airlines boss, accused of defrauding Indian banks, has filed an application seeking permission to appeal against his extradition order signed off by UK Home Secretary Sajid Javid last month.


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