Gangster Vikas Dubey killed in an encounter with STF just before reaching Kanpur


Vikas Dubey (accused of killing eight policemen) also had the same fate that everyone was expecting. While bringing Uttar Pradesh from Madhya Pradesh to Madhya Pradesh last night, Vikas Dubey was killed in an encounter (Vikas Dubey encounter) before reaching Kanpur. Like the script of a film, the police once again told the story that three vehicles had gone to bring Vikas Dubey. On reaching Kanpur, a train overturned in which Vikas was submerged. During this time, he tried to escape and after which police were forced to shoot in which Vikas Dubey was killed.

Police say that as soon as the STF vehicle overturned, Vikas tried to escape by snatching the weapons of the injured policemen and was killed. The question is whether this encounter is the same as the UP police is telling? In this whole case, the police killed five criminals and named them all encounters, everyone’s story was also told the same. Somewhere the tire broke, the vehicle overturned and then the criminal tried to run away and was killed.

Vikas Dubey was a criminal who had cases like murder, attempt to murder, including eight policemen on his head. But in our judicial system, there is a provision to punish the offender through the court. Aamir Ajmal Kasab, the terrorist who killed people publicly, was also hanged through the judicial system of our country. Similarly, be it Yakub Manon or Afzal Guru… Nirbhaya convicts were also hanged only after the completion of the entire judicial process. In this way, if the culprit is killed in the name of a public encounter without presenting it in court, then it will raise serious questions on our judicial system.

Talking about Vikas Dubey, the way he spread his kingdom in 20 years, which can be gauged by the fact that many leaders and officials had a hand on it. If he was caught and questioned, the names of all these leaders and officials would have been public. People get to know how these criminals become so big. But it seems that Vikas Dubey’s death was written and executed under a script.


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