Guatemala’s Fuego volcano erupts over the weekend


Natural disasters always leave a trail of misery and loss whenever they occur, which was the case when a volcano, which is a part of the Central American Volcanic arc, erupted.

The volcano, Guatemala’s Fuego erupted over the weekend, causing a thick plume of ash and  smoke to rain on several regions including the capital,Guatemala  and a 10 km trail of lava, which caused so far has 74 deaths and 200 missing person cases

The seismological, volcanic and meteorological institute, Insivumeh, increased its warnings after the volcano erupted again on Tuesday, which left the rescue workers scrambling for shelter and forcing evacuations.

Smoke started rising from the volcano, which was succeeded by the flow of volcanic material from the south side of the volcano.

This eruption prompted new evacuation orders for half a dozen communities and closure of a highway


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