Haier Launches Inverter Expert Air Conditioner Series- A New Dawn in Air Conditioning


Haier, the global leader in Home Appliances & Consumer Electronics and  World’s Number 1 brand in Major Appliances for the 8th Consecutive Year*, recently announced the launch of its Dawn air conditioners along with a series of other air conditioners. The air conditioners have been introduced and designed particularly taking inspiration from the needs and requirements of the consumers and keeping in mind the weather conditions of the country. The launch is aimed at maintaining Haier’s position as a leader in the industry, specifically in the segment of air conditioners and provides consumers with a wide variety of products in the category.

The new lineup of air conditioners comes with inverter technology resulting in electricity saving capabilities and providing cooling comfort quickly during extreme Indian summers. It’s equipped with top features, the ACs help in chilling the room quickly and efficiently, even if the ambient temperature is 60 degree Celsius. Having 180 degree Sine Wave DC Inverter Technology and DC motor, the ACs allow consumers to save more electricity, provide quick comfort and also come with a nightglow remote.

The launch includes 21 latest panels available in the capacity of 0.75 ton to 2 ton. The star amongst all is the “DAWN” series, armed with competitive features such as smart eye technology, which is combination of human sensor and light sensor. It automatically adjusts operation frequency and mode as per heat load and helps in saving over 65% electricity. It is a 7 Star rating inverter AC having Wi-Fi capabilitiesand comes with an inbuilt Air Purifier with PM 2.5 filter and an additional high quality net filter. Moreover, the AC also has a Hot-Cold feature; with 3D airflow function.

The high end, Direct Cool inverter ACs by Haier are enabled with ‘Wi-Fi’ features and 1 touch LED feature along with 60 feet air-throw. These air conditioners are exclusively designed to cater to the internet generation and for the people who are always on the move.  Such features help consumers operate their appliances at their convenience and control them through a mobile App anytime and anywhere.


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