Health: If you remain alert then it will not reach surgery


That era has been left far behind when problems such as neck pain, back pain, or slipped disc, were considered signs of aging and youth meant carelessness. Jumping off life. But now even 25-30 years old people are seen holding back or are suffering from back pain.

Many studies around the world have shown that every eighth person in the world is suffering from back pain or pain due to slipped disc.

The problem of slipped disc is related to our physical activities and due to our wrong habit of getting up, sitting, bending, we get caught in its clutches. Getting up with a jerk, sitting is not right and can ever cause problems for our body. In addition, any accident that has direct or indirect pressure on the spinal cord, causing a sharp injury, causes a slipped disc. Sometimes this problem can also arise incorrectly or by lifting too much weight from your capacity.

After causing problems with the slipped disc, there is an effect on the nerve causing very severe pain in the back, neck and lower body. Some patients also complain of numbness in the affected parts of the body. There is also the danger of gradual paralysis. Many times the lower part of the body becomes weak, due to which the patient is unable to stand on his own feet. There is severe pain while coughing or walking. Sometimes the patient goes into a state of semi-unconsciousness and many patients also complain of regular anesthesia.

Dr. Satnam Singh Chhabra, director of Neuro and Spine Deposit, Sir Gangaram Hospital, New Delhi, says that a major cause of slipped discs is also the growing age when discs begin to degrade and lack elasticity. Sometimes this problem also arises due to accidental injury. Another noteworthy fact is that 20 percent of slipped disc cases occur in which the patient does not indicate any danger and he does not know that any problem has occurred with his disc. This is a dangerous situation because by the time the disease is detected, it is too late and the problem that could have been cured with light-hearted treatment has a lot of problems. The correct nature of the disease is not clear from the name given to this disease as slipped disc, because in reality the disc does not move from its place but emerges towards the spinal cord. Often throat or back pain is taken lightly, sometimes in the name of increasing age and sometimes in the name of tiredness and weakness. Sometimes, it hurts because of these reasons.

Dr. Satnam Singh Chhabra says that but if the pain increases enough that it becomes difficult to move, then the advice of a doctor should be sought. If the body starts numb or feels weakness with throat or back pain, urination is not controlled or fever, stomach pain or chest pain also, then it should not be too late to consult a doctor.

According to Dr. Chhabra, even if there is an injury to the spine in an accident or there is a severe pain in the neck or back after falling from a very high height, it should not be delayed to seek medical advice. It may be that the problem of a slipped disk has arisen, and the situation may be worse if broken. Often, doctors recommend bed rest. After a few weeks of bed rest, it is advisable to slowly return to normal routine. If there is pain due to injury, hot fomentation should be done after baking with cold pack first. If pain is not the cause of injury, it can be started with hot fomentation.

Surgery becomes mandatory when there are signs of nerve compression. If other conditions do not improve, then the option of operation remains.

The purpose of surgery is to separate the portion that has come out of the disc. This is called a discectomy that can be performed in various ways. Open discectomy is the process by which only a part of a slipped disc or an entire slipped disc is removed. In this, the disk is removed by making an incision in the spine. Prosthetic intervertebral disc transfer involves inserting an artificial disc into the patient’s back to replace the slipped disc. This process is accomplished under general anesthesia. The patient does not feel pain due to being in a state of unconsciousness.

Dr. Satnam Singh Chhabra says that the best and least troublesome procedure of surgery is endoscopic laser discectomy. This surgery involves making a very small incision to gain access to the spine. The endoscope is used to view the disc. It is a thin, long and elastic tube with a light source and camera on one side. Whether the anesthesia is local or general will depend on where the slipped disc is in your spine. The nerve that caused the pain is removed by making an incision with an endoscope. The disc is then removed with the help of a laser.


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