Here are some Indian web series & their popular songs which are perfect for Valentine’s Day


February is considered the month of love, where the whole world shows love with different ways and with these different ways love grows deeper & deeper with each emotion. Even bollywood comes up with all the romantic movies but it’s too mainstream nowadays. While some still enjoy’s watching bollywood movies some enjoy’s watching romantic web series. It’s true, there is no language for love, love is itself a language of trust, romance, faith, and happiness. To spread the love in the air, our Indian web series makers are continuously trying to make something better. So today, I brought to you the best and the famous Top 5 Romantic Indian Web Series and their songs and in these web series you get to see all the emotions love, hurt, breakup, feeling of missing someone, patchup etc.

COLD LASSI AUR CHICKEN MASALA- Cold Lassi aur Chicken Masala is romantic web-series, Pradeep Sarkar is a director of this beautiful romantic series. Vikram and Nitya fall in love from college time when they were students. Nitya is a sweet and innocent girl in her college time and Vikram fall in love with her and after some time they get married. The most heart touching song it has is ‘ALVIDA FIR KYUN KAHA’ which gives you the feeling of missing someone.

BROKEN BUT BEAUTIFUL- It is Veer and Sameera’s story where their hearts were left broken and damaged after they lost their love. It is story about the love that heals the heart and not breaks it. When love gives two heartbroken people a second chance, a beautiful love story begins. It also has very beautiful songs one is ‘O SAAJANA’ which gives you the feel of love & and the pain caused by love.

FITRAT- Fitrat is the story of a girl Tarini coming from a small town and She has dreams to become a millionaire since childhood. She can go to any extent to get money. For this dream, she comes to her rich best friend Amrita/Amy. She wants to fulfill her dream by loving a rich boy but during this she falls in love with her best friend’s fiance Vir Shergill. Vir is handsome and rich as well, This love triangle among them takes where to Tarini, will get to see in this web series. The best song of this web series is ‘MANMURADEIN’ which gives you the feeling of losing someone.

HUM TUM AND THEM- It is the story of two single parents Shiva and Yudi, who have a second chance at love. Their teenage children try to deal with their past and their new lives, while Shiva and Yudi struggle to maintain their relationships. ‘TEHER JA DIL’ is the most touching song of this web series which gives you the feeling of waiting for somebody special.

NEVER KISS YOUR BESTFRIEND- Getting attracted to a close friend of the opposite sex, is very common these days. So, this is a sequel to his earlier novel Just Friends, which narrates what happens when Tania Brar, a headstrong and impulsive girl reunites with her best friend, Sumer Singh Dhillon, after a gap of five years. The narration of these multiple incidents is gripping and interesting. ‘DILKO TUJHPE PYAAR’ is the song which gives you the feeling of your first love.


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