Increase In Price Of Honda Activa After The Implementation Of GST


We have been actively tracking the impact of GST on bike prices across the segments. Thanks to the Goods and Service Tax (GST), the Government can now have a uniform tax structure across India. The introduction of GST has been largely favourable to most bike buyers in the country. All two-wheelers with an engine size of less than 350cc come under the 28% tax slab. There’s an additional 3 % cess on two-wheelers with bigger engines. So, basically, most two-wheelers on sale in India now come under the 28% slab. This has led to a really marginal price change on most small-capacity two-wheelers. For instance, the Honda Activa, which has been a popular automatic scooter, has seen a marginal change in price across its entire range. Let’s have a look at Honda Activa price after GST.

Increase In Price Of Honda Activa After The Implementation Of GST
Increase In Price Of Honda Activa After The Implementation Of GST

The Honda Activa range comprises of three sub-brands- Activa i, Activa 4G, Activa 125. Of these, the Activa 4G is the most popular. Such has been the demand for the Activa 4G that it has often been seen outselling some really well-established geared motorcycles. With the latest tax reforms, all models in the Activa range have seen a revision in prices. That said, it’s worth a mention here that there has been only a marginal change in the Honda Activa price after GST.

Honda Activa Price After GST

Honda Activa Model Price Before GST Price After GST Difference
Activa i ₹ 47,913 ₹ 48,000 + ₹ 87
Activa 4G ₹ 50,730 ₹ 50,800 + ₹ 70
Activa 125 Base ₹ 56,945 ₹ 57,000 + ₹ 55
Activa 125 Mid ₹ 58,900 ₹ 59,000 + ₹ 100
Activa 125 Top ₹ 61,362 ₹ 61,400 + ₹ 38


As can be seen here, the prices have not seen a huge difference. The biggest change in price is for the mid-level Activa 125, which has seen an increase of ₹ 100. There’s a small increase in prices of all models. Basically, Honda Activa price after GST hasn’t seen much of a change due to the new tax structure. Please note that all prices here are ex-showroom, New Delhi.

Honda Activa Specifications

Model Engine Power Torque
Activa i 109cc 8 BHP 9 Nm
Activa 4G 109cc 8 BHP 9 Nm
Activa 125 124.9cc 8.52 BHP 10.54 Nm


2014 Honda Activa 125 Headlight

Honda Activa Mileage

Model Mileage*
Activa i 66 KMPL
Activa 4G 56 KMPL
Activa 125 54 KMPL


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