How will the world of connected cars be, Reliance Jio shows glimpse at Auto Expo 2020


The 15th edition of Auto Expo in Greater Noida in Greater Noida adjoining Delhi has started from 5th February. Car manufacturers from all over the world have brought new auto technology and beautiful cars. Reliance Jio has introduced a ‘Connected Vehicle Echo System’ among this gathering of cars. The technology of data analytics with devices and platforms has also been demonstrated in this eco system based on 4G connectivity.

Advanced Driver Assistant System
Now your connected car will tell you whether your driving is good or bad. By analyzing the data of Dashcam, it will also help the driver to drive the car. Also, the car connected to Jio technology will also warn the driver from the dangers on the road so that precious lives can be saved. Jio has named this technology as Advanced Driver Assistant System.

Reliance Jio has also showcased a device called ‘Onboard Diagnostic Car Connect’ at Auto Expo.
Reliance Jio has also showcased a device called ‘Onboard Diagnostic Car Connect’ at Auto Expo. It easily fits into the on board port of the car. This device equipped with a SIM will convert the car into a Wi-Fi zone. To which 8 mobile or other devices can be connected. Apart from this, multiple sensors of the car can also be connected to this device. So now you will be able to see every movement of the car and information about its maintenance on your mobile. How much fuel is left in the car or if no door of the car is opened will also inform you about your connected car. Trekking the car will also become easier. Infotainment will be available with Wi-Fi connectivity.

This technology of Reliance Jio will run on Jio’s 4G VoLTE technology.
According to TRAI, the coverage of Jio’s 4G technology is the highest in the country. Apart from the car owners, this will also benefit merchants running a large business of rental cars. Those who have to take care of the speed, mileage of the car besides trekking.


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