‘Hustlers’ Trailer: Jennifer Lopez Brings In Cardi B For A Lap Dance Lesson — Watch


‘Hustlers’ is almost here, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any new trailers left. The latest trailer debuted on Sept. 3 and it’s downright sexy.

Hustlers is one of the most highly-anticipated movies of the year. With a cast like this, how can it not be? Jennifer LopezConstance WuJulia Stiles, Keke PalmerLili ReinhartCardi BLizzo, and more make up this fierce female cast. A brand-new trailer was released on Sept. 13, just 10 days before the movie hits theaters.

In the opening moments of the new trailer, JLo’s character, Ramona, brings in Cardi B’s Diamond to give Constance’s character a lesson in lap dances. “You know Diamond from the Bronx, right?” Ramona says to Destiny. She tells Diamond that they’re going to help teach Destiny how to do a “real dance,” as in lap dance. “Oh, I’m good at that,” Diamond says. Destiny straddles Diamond to show her what she’s got.


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