I am a changed person today and tougher too, says TV star Shaleen Malhotra


The fame actor of ‘Laado- Veerpur Ki Mardani’ Shaleen Malhotra is back again in TV Industry after two years. Now he will play the role in Mere Dad Ki Dulhan show on Sony TV, in which he will be a lover of Varun Badola’s daughter. In the view of his role, he says “I had auditioned for it in March, but the track was put on hold. They approached me again in April and asked me to send an audition clip from home. Fortunately, everything fell into place.”

From past two years he has a hard time as his house was burnt due to a short circuit and from then he is facing many problems and a tough life. In this view, Shaleen says, “I had to move into a new home and buy all the necessary appliances and furniture all over again. I survived because of the money I had made from a few commercials and my savings. I am not someone who breaks down easily, and that was one of the few times when I went down on my knees and howled alone in the washroom and cried my heart out. I was going through a financial crunch, but I was grateful that my family and pets were safe.”

And as they say, when the going gets tough, the tough gets going. Shaleen started looking for work more aggressively.
However, nothing materialised. He recounts, “Jab kismat saath nahi deti toh kuchh nahi hota hai. After ‘Laado 2’, I didn’t get the kind of work I wanted to be a part of. Besides, some of the projects I was offered failed to materialise. From wanting to do only lead roles after ‘Arjun’, I reached a point where I was willing to take up even a character role or do cameo appearances.
I was in dire need of money to run my house and I just wanted to get back to work. I was desperately looking to get back, but nothing worked out. So many people turned their back on me. The phase made me realise that it is a thankless industry and I learnt it the hard way. I am a changed person today and tougher, too. Fortunately, my patience paid off and I am returning as a hero again. We should count our blessings and stay positive.”


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