If you are looking for healthy breakfast, then here are some amazing options


The first meal of the day should be healthy as well as tasty and a good breakfast not only keeps your body healthy but also your brain. Healthy Breakfast helps to reduce obesity, control blood pressure and sugar levels, reduce the possibility of heart-related diseases.

Also, often we forget our breakfast as we don’t have time so it is important that you plan your breakfast in advance so that you do not miss it. You can choose variety of options in Breakfast from Fruits to eggs to keep you energetic throughout the day but still here are some healthy breakfast options for you so that to make your work more easy.

You can have brown bread with roasted spinach and poached egg, this type of breakfast is very much trendy these days and if you do not have time then you can also have egg with some green vegetables and brow bread for Breakfast. This is a very healthy option as we get carbs from toast, protein from eggs and vitamins and minerals through spinach or green veggies.

We can also have Paneer Pea Parantha and Curd, this morning breakfast will make you feel full for a long time as we get protein from peas and fat and vitamins from ghee nourish our body.

Another healthy option is idli with vegetable sambar and chutney as we get protein from sambhar as there are pulses in sambar due to which we get good amount of protein in the morning and spices that are in Sambhar gives vitamins and minerals and coconut chutney gives us the required fat.


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