It is necessary to fight against corporate loot to save the survival of tribals: Parade


To save the existence of tribals in Chhattisgarh and the entire country, fighting against corporate plunder is necessary. The barbaric and man-eating capitalist exploitation of the corporate era is the destruction of forests, biodiversity and wildlife, ruining the environment and ecosystem and destroying tribal civilization and culture. He wants to increase his profits by capturing the entire natural resources. Due to this, the lives of tribals are in danger.

The said views were expressed by State Secretary of Marxist Communist Party Sanjay Parate while addressing a lecture organized on Facebook by the fortnightly Lok Jatan of Madhya Pradesh-Chhattisgarh.

This lecture is organized every year from July 24 to August 7 in the memory of former secretary of MP CPI-M. Parate was speaking on the subject of “Tribals battling the existential crisis from Abujhmad to Khongpal” on the 7th day of this ideological event.

Over 10,000 people listened to his lecture on this virtual forum.
He said that in a state where 75% of the families have an average monthly income of less than 5000 rupees and where on an average the cheapest laborers are available with a daily wage of Rs 65, the economic condition of the socio-economically backward tribal community in that state and on it The status of the Sustainable Human Development Index can be easily gauged. This is the reason that despite the malnutrition rate being 38% for the entire state, two-thirds of the tribal communities women and children are severely malnourished. It is clear that they do not have a minimum nutritional diet of up to 2200 calories. He said that the health insurance scheme in the state was a complete flop and that the loot caused by the privatization of the health sector every year drove 10 lakh people below the poverty line and most of them are tribals.

The CPI (M) leader said that the projects that have been imposed in the name of development in tribal areas have only brought displacement and destruction on the part of tribals. In the last 40 years, about 2 lakh hectares of agricultural land has been acquired in Chhattisgarh and 2 lakh hectares of forest land for non-forestry works. 70% of the projects on forests are mineral mining. Thus, keeping in mind the average landholding, there has been a displacement of 10 lakh tribal and poor farmer families from 4 lakh hectares of land, but not their rehabilitation.

He said that in order to give a chance to the corporates to make a profit, the enforced Bodhghat project has been taken out, defying the provisions of the Forest Rights Act, PESA and the 5th Schedule and trying to get the consent of the tribals by forging the false figures of irrigation. Is happening If this project comes into effect, then 3 lakh crores will come to the coffers of corporates, but 35,000 tribals in 42 villages are wasted. Similarly, more than 25000 tribals will be uprooted by the Polavaram project and only the Dorla tribe will reach the verge of extinction.

Parate said that the Salwa Judum campaign sponsored by the BJP Raj had a clear objective to give corporates a chance to loot the natural wealth here. For this, 700 villages were evacuated by setting fire to tens of thousands and thousands of people were imprisoned in the said camps. Even today, innocent tribals are being murdered in the name of Naxalites and they are being arrested in jails. Governments are also with them for corporate plunder in tribal areas. So you can stand with the tribals or with the corporates against them. There is no middle ground and the Congress-BJP governments have decided to stand against the tribals and with the corporates. That is why they are also in the Bodhghat case.

He said that among the 115 most backward districts of the country, Chhattisgarh comprises 10 districts including 7 tribal-dominated districts. The energy Korba is also shocked to be the most backward. The anti-tribal and neo-liberal policies of the central and state governments have the result that as per the 2011 census their population has declined by one and a half percent and the tribes like Bhil, Korku, Parja, Sahariya, Saura and Sonar have gone extinct. Is on the verge The Supreme Court has ordered the eviction of tribals deprived of forest rights in the last year, which further aggravates this crisis. This will affect 12 lakh tribal families of our state.

Talking about the Corona epidemic spreading in the state, he said that 3% of the people who have been tested in the state have been found infected.
In this way 7-8 people will be infected and of course there is a large population of tribals also. In the condition of health facilities in tribal areas, common illness also takes the form of epidemic and epidemic deaths are also counted as normal deaths. There will be no record of how many corona infected would be dying daily in these areas. This is a sad situation.

He said that the tribals do not have cash and no use for the capitalist market, because they cannot increase their profits. But the natural


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