Know why Apple’s new PC is more expensive than Audi and BMW cars


The US tech company Apple has launched the most expensive PC Pro at the global level, the company’s latest computers cost a lot more than Audi, BMW and Tesla cars. The company has priced the top variant of this computer at $59,000, around 40 lakhs rupees in Indian currency.

This is the reason that now Apple’s Mac Pro has become the world’s most expensive personal computer. Also, the company has started selling this computer in the US. However, Apple has not given official information about the launch of Mac Pro in India. Here are the reasons why the price of this personal computer is in millions.

The company has given an XDR display in the base variant of the Mac Pro, along with this, users will get the support of 32 GB RAM, Octa-core intel (Xeon) CPU, 256 GB SSD card with Radion Pro 580X graphic in this device. On the other hand, the company has given the most expensive and powerful processor in this top variant.

The company has given 2.5 GH z Intel Xeon W processor and turbo boost up to 56 threads and 4.4 GHz up to $7,000 in this top variant. Along with this, users have got the support of 1 TB RAM worth $25,000 and 4 TB SSD card worth more than $1,400. At the same time, the total cost of this computer part is $39,399.

The company has given a 32 GB graphic card in the top model of this variant, which costs $10,800.  This computer has a Pro Display XDR priced at $5,999 for great picture quality. At the same time, users will get the support of stand $999, Afterburner Accelerator Card $200 and Mac Pro’s wheels $400 in this computer. The total cost of all these computer parts is $59,597.


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