Kobe Brayan Death Was Predecided And Written Before He Died


Kobe Brayan was a two-timed Olympic gold medalist who was traveling with his daughter of only 13-year-old Giannai along with seven more passengers in a helicopter were died in a helicopter crash on last Sunday their helicopter crashes in the hills of Calabasas, California.

This proves the prediction of a person right who told that “Kobe is going to end up dying in a helicopter crash”. He gave this prediction in 3:02 AM · Nov 14, 2012. This post is viral nowadays was now also can be seen on twitter.

The Twitter users were and the fans of  Brayan were very shocked to see this tweet. After this tweet, a comment comes on this tweet of Mike Beasley that “Quick thread for anyone questioning the legitimacy of this tweet: it is real. Here’s some supporting info.” And that he comments a second comment “Twitter does not have an API that allows for changing post dates (or changing tweets in any way).

Tweets are immutable once posted.” After seeing this everyone will have to believe this that this prediction is not a rumor now it becomes a truth which everyone has to believe in it if they want or not. The person who gives this tweet in 2012 writes sorry on his own comment when he saw that the Brayan war really died in a helicopter crash.

The two-time Olympic gold medalist was now no more with us with his daughter who was moving to the Mamba Sports Academy when the crash occurred. The academy was established by Bryant, who was also known as Black Mamba which means it is to correlate Brayan with one kind of dark gray snake whose speed is incredible because he is so fast in speed as that snake so because of that he has been called by this name. Before taking retirement fro NBA in 2016 he had also played for Los Angeles Lakers also, and he also wan the NBA five-time which easily shows his skills as quality how gratefully he played with his full devotion for his country.


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