Larsa Pippen Reveals Exactly What SheEats To Maintain Her Instagram BikiniQueen Status


Planning her meals for the week, eating healthily and shunning fad diets are Larsa Pippen’s secret weapons to achieving her stunning figure. The 45-year-old is sharing her wellness tips with HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY as she celebrates the launch of her Larsa Pippen Fitness online platform. And the mom-of-four, who loves posting pics of herself in a bikini on Instagram, has a very sensible approach to healthy eating. “I don’t think you can sustain that keto diet or the Atkins Diet,” Larsa says about the popular low-carb plans. “Personally, I don’t feel like those work. For me it’s more it’s more about eating healthy and portion control. That’s the only thing that lasts forever.”

When it comes to eating Larsa says that preparation is key. “I’m really big on prepping what you eat for the whole week,” she says. “I cook every day for my kids. I have a menu that I draw up [for] all week so I know what we’re gonna eat. If you’re prepared like that you tend to eat healthier, as opposed to not knowing what you’re gonna eat and then you end up eating junk.”


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