Larsa Pippen Reveals Her Go-To ExerciseTo Get Sexy Toned Legs As She LaunchesNew Fitness Platform


Larsa Pippen is sharing the secret to her shapely legs. The 45-year-old mom-of-four says that, when it comes to achieving her sexy, toned pins there is one particular exercise move that she swears by. And, surprisingly, it’s ridiculously simple and can be done without a fancy machine. “I do squats almost every day,” she tells HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY, as she launches her new Larsa Pippen Fitness website.

When it comes to the humble squat, Larsa – who says she loves having “super toned legs” – is adamant that you can keep it simple. “You don’t need weights for that. You’re just [using] your own body weight,” she says. But, her devotion to squats is not for the faint-hearted. Forget one or two sets of eight reps and keep going. “I do 40 squats a set,” she says, noting that she does two sets in one session. “If you incorporate weights into that then you wouldn’t have to do so many. You would just do 12-15 reps.” When Larsa does use weights, she opts for 10-pound dumbbells.

It’s that philosophy that is behind Larsa’s new business venture – a subscription service, offering fans a chance to do her workout plans and to get healthy eating and lifestyle tips. “My workouts vary between 20 to 40 minutes [long],” says the busy mom who exercises five days a week. Raised with four siblings, in a family that thrived on team sports and competing, Larsa was a cheerleader as a teen. As an adult she wove exercise into her lifestyle – running with her kids in a stroller when they were younger, playing tag with them when they got older, throwing herself into their physical activities today, even seeing who can swim the fastest.

When she and Scottie were together and he was still in the NBA she’d exercise with him too. “We used to share a trainer, so I’d work out with him and do his workouts too,” she says. “If he had to shoot [hoops] at night, I would go with him and run around the gym so we would both workout together.”

Her love of squats sets the tone for her approach to fitness as a whole. “I’ve learned that you don’t need machines to get in shape,” Larsa says. “You just need dedication. If you have dedication you can definitely accomplish the same goal.” For more information about Larsa’s platform, go to


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