Learn 10 big things about Prime Minister Modi’s address on the corona epidemic


Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in his address to the nation on the corona virus that has become an epidemic in the world, warned the countrymen of its dangers, while making many important suggestions to avoid it.

He said that in dealing with the epidemic like Corona, only one mantra – ‘We are healthy and the world is healthy’ is effective. That is, you will avoid infection and save others.

In the address to the nation at eight o’clock at night, Prime Minister Narendra Modi also compared the crisis arising out of the Corona epidemic to the situation in the First and Second World Wars.

Shri Modi said that at that time even such a large number of countries were not affected. In an address of about half an hour, Prime Minister Modi gave ten big messages.
1- Janta Curfew | Janata curfew

Prime Minister Narendra Modi asked the countrymen to do two things on Sunday (March 22). He appealed to follow the Janata curfew.

He said that people do not leave this day in the country interest from seven to nine in the morning.

He said, “The success of the Janata-curfew on 22 March, its experiences, will prepare us for the challenges to come. It is also a time to look and test how ready India is against the epidemic like Corona. ”

In the second appeal, Prime Minister Modi said that in the midst of the dangers of Corona, many people are busy in carrying out essential services, people should show their gratitude towards them by standing in front of the house or in the balcony for five minutes at 5 pm on 22 March. The local administration conveyed the information to the people at five o’clock with the sound of sirens.

2- Work from home. Work from home

Prime Minister Narendra Modi suggested people to work from home for the coming few weeks. They said,

“I urge you to come out of your home for the next few weeks, when it is very important. As much as possible, you can do your work, whether it is related to business, connected with office, from your home. ”

3- Do not gather too much stuff. Do not collect excess goods

Prime Minister Narendra Modi also appealed to beware of rumors in this hour of crisis. He asked the countrymen to buy as much as necessary, do not collect more than necessary.

Shri Modi said,

“I also assure the countrymen that all steps are being taken to ensure that there is no shortage of milk, food, medicines, such essential things required for life in the country.”

4- We are healthy and healthy. We are healthy and the world is healthy

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that in such a global epidemic, only one mantra works – we are healthy and we are healthy. In such a situation when there is no medicine, it is very important to keep ourselves healthy.

5- Make 10 people aware every day. Make 10 people aware every day

Prime Minister Narendra Modi appealed to common citizens to participate in awareness work. He said that if possible, every person should call at least 10 people every day and tell them about the curfew as well as measures to prevent corona virus.

6- People above 65 years should not leave. Do not outing people above 65 years

Prime Minister Modi said that I have another request that all senior citizens in our family, who are above 65 years of age, should not leave the house for the next few weeks.

7- Task Force constituted | Constituted task force

Prime Minister Modi said that keeping in mind the economic challenges arising out of the Corona epidemic, the government under the leadership of the Finance Minister has decided to set up a Kovid-19-Economic Response Task Force. This task force will ensure that all steps taken to reduce economic difficulties are effectively implemented.

8- Resolution and moderation

Prime Minister Narendra Modi advised the countrymen to resolve this global epidemic with determination and restraint.

He said, “To combat this global epidemic, two things are necessary. First resolution and second restraint. Today 130 crore countrymen will have to make their determination stronger. We should do our duty as a citizen to stop this global epidemic. Completely follow the guidelines of the Central and State Governments. Today, we have to take a pledge that we will avoid getting infected and save others from getting infected.

9 – Avoid the crowd (social distancing – social distancing)

Prime Minister Modi said that people should avoid the crowd. Nowadays it is being called social distancing. In this era of Corona global epidemic, social distancing is very much necessary.

10- Do not deduct the salary of those who serve

Prime Minister Narendra Modi made a special appeal to the upper class and business world during this crisis. He said that in this time of crisis, I also urge the business people of the country, even the high income group, that if possible, take care of the economic interests of the people from whom you take services. It is possible that in the next few days if they do not come to your house and office, then do not cut their salary.


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