Local helmet imposed on two-wheeler, then challan of 1000 rupees, new law is going to bring center


The government is going to implement a new rule on the accident especially on the road from two-wheelers. Till now, people used to wear cheap and local helmets on the head for fear of challan, due to which the current quality helmet on their head was broken during the accident and the man’s life was put at risk due to deep head injury but now the government is new By bringing the law, it is going to ensure that people do not use local helmets. According to the new law, a fine of one thousand rupees will be imposed on exiting wearing a local helmet. Apart from this, a fine of two lakh rupees and provision of jail will be made on the production of local helmets. It is worth noting that 28 bike riders die every day due to local helmets or without helmets in road accidents.

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has included it in the BSI list for the first time to provide safe helmets to bike riders. The ministry has sought objections and suggestions from stakeholders in the notification issued on July 30, after which the new rule will come into force 30 days later. After the new rule comes into force, helmet manufacturing companies will have to make and sell only BSI certified helmets. In this, the enforcement departments of state governments will have the authority to periodically investigate the sale and production of local helmets.

In the new standard, the weight of the helmet has been reduced from one and a half kg to one kg 200 grams. Non-BIS helmet production, stock and sales will now be considered a crime and if caught will be punishable with a fine of two lakhs and a jail term. According to the new rule, local helmets will also not be exported. There are also some people who go out on the road with a helmet worn on the construction site, but they do not know that they are not able to save a man’s life when he is an accident. With the introduction of BSI, the consumer will know the batch, brand, date of manufacture, etc. of the helmet.


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