Love & Hip-Hop’ Star Tokyo Vanity ShowsOff Dramatic Weight Loss — See Before &After Pics


looks fitter than ever — and not because of her clothes! The Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star revealed before and after photos documenting her weight loss to Instagram fans on Jan. 16, cheekily captioning her progress pictures, “Haters gonna say it’s cause it got black on.” We know, though, that her black jumpsuit in the picture had nothing to do with her figure — rather, Tokyo has been putting in hard work in the gym. Her goal is to drop “16-25 pounds per month” over “the next 6 months,” according to the owner of the BIG GIRLZ MOVE WITH TED workout program, who shared the same set of photos to Instagram.

The rapper teased her new figure in a video shared to Instagram on Jan. 15, in which she furiously performed a set of dumbbell raises. We could feel our arms cramping just by watching the video, and even Tokyo admitted the exercise wasn’t exactly a fun pastime activity. “This s–t hurt but I’m about to eat then go to the gym for the second time today see you in the morning,” Tokyo wrote in the caption, proving just how dedicated she is to her fitness resolutions.

Regardless of Tokyo’s size, the rapper will always be beautiful — something she knows as well! “My brand is body positivity and loving what you look like, whether you big, small, short or tall,” Tokyo declared on an episode of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta that aired in April of 2019.

Earlier that episode, Tokyo had tried out a workout class that wasn’t exactly beginner-friendly. She left the class in frustration, which later led to a tense confrontation between Tokyo and her friend, Sierra Grant. Tokyo’s pal insisted weight loss was necessary, referencing her own diabetes scare, and even tossed Tokyo’s food into the sink. We’re happy to see Tokyo has now found a program that suits her, as everybody should!


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