Miley Cyrus Chops Off Her Hair Into WildPixie-Cut Mullet Look — See Before &After Pics


Miley Cyrus has jumped on the quarantine hair makeover bandwagon, with the help of her mom Tish Cyrus! The 27-year-old took to Instagram on May 19 to show off her new look, which resembled a platinum pixie cut, with elements of a mullet. Celeb hairdresser Sally Hershberger revealed she helped the Disney alum’s mom, Tish, through the process. “I trained Tish well!;) @tishcyrus @mileycyrus #virtualhaircut lol,” Sally wrote on Instagram, alongside a photo of Miley’s shorter locks.

It comes amid reports that Miley is “doing great” while under quarantine with her boyfriend Cody Simpson, 23. A source close to the “Slide Away” singer told HollywoodLife exclusively that they are “still quarantined together in L.A.,” and are “getting along really well.” It’s been two months since California’s Governor Gavin Newsom instituted the state’s stay-at-home order. While this has put some couples’ relationships to the test, the insider says that Miley and Cody have “passed with flying colors.”

“It really helps that they aren’t partying,” the insider tells HollywoodLife, “so their minds are clear and their moods are stable. They’ve been able to really focus all their energy on positive, healthy stuff. Miley and Cody don’t drink at all. And she’s also not smoking weed. She’s getting close to a full year of sobriety [she quit everything June 2019]. It’s a great accomplishment, and everyone is proud of her.” Along with not drinking or smoking, Miley and Cody have been “very focused on fitness,” and love working out together. “Miley has a huge home gym so they can train every day without leaving home. And they love going on hikes with their dogs, they’re very active and outdoorsy.”

Cody gave fans a when speaking with The Sydney Morning Herald in April. Though he said that being with Miley is “a wonderful thing in my life,” he said that he hadn’t even begun to consider marrying her. Thankfully, this wasn’t a sign of trouble in paradise. Miley is also not ready to get married, considering her previous marriage with Liam Hemsworth didn’t last a full year.


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