Naval of India and Japan came together under tension from China, maneuvers done


China is enveloping Asia due to its aggressive attitude and expansionary policies. Tension in Ladakh is at a peak between India and China, while Dragon is also in dispute with Japan over islands in East China Sea. Meanwhile, the Indian and Japanese navy have conducted joint maneuvers to combat China’s growing threats in the Indian Ocean.

India, in a fierce fight with the Indian army in eastern Ladakh, who claimed claims on the Galvan Valley, has warned in stark terms that the consequences of its antics will be seen on the relationship between the two. India’s Ambassador to China, Vikram Misri has clearly stated that China can stop building new structures on the LAC, only then peace can be established between the two. Significantly, the Chinese ambassador in India had said that it was India’s responsibility to establish peace.

The Congress is engaged in besieging the Narendra Modi government over the martyrdom of 20 soldiers in a violent clash with the Chinese Army in the Galvan Valley of Ladakh. To pay tribute to the martyrs across the country led by Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, the party will celebrate today as ‘Salute Day to the Martyrs’, under which the party will perform online across the country and protest against Chinese encroachment along the Indian border along the Line of Control. Will register

The situation on the border between India and China remains tense. The forces of both the countries are engaged in ending the dispute through dialogue, but China constantly tries to execute its nefarious act. The latest satellite images from the Galvan Valley and Pangong Lake on the Ladakh border, they are a bust of China’s new plot. Tensions continue between India and China over LAAC in eastern Ladakh. Several rounds of talks have been held in both countries to reduce tension on the border, but there is no meaningful result of any kind on the ground.

According to sources, during the talks at Major General level on Sunday, both countries had agreed to withdraw their army. However, if you look at the latest satellite photos of Galvan Valley, the reality can be seen somewhat more. After the satellite picture surfaced, questions have been raised once again on China’s intention. Looking at the satellite photos, it is clear that China is once again plotting a new conspiracy to deceive India under the guise of dialogue. It is known that 20 Indian soldiers were martyred in violent clashes on 15 June in Galvan Valley. At the same time, more than 40 Chinese soldiers were killed in India’s retaliation.

There have been some signs of softening on Monday in the ongoing tension between India and China on LAC in East Ladakh. In fact, during the talks of Major General level of both countries, it has been agreed to remove their soldiers from the tense area of ​​East Ladakh. It is known that on May 15, 2020, 20 soldiers of the Indian Army were martyred in the conflict with the Chinese Army in the Galvan Valley. At the same time, more than 40 Chinese soldiers had to lose their lives. After this incident, tension in both countries reached its peak.

There has been a tense situation on the Ladakh border over the border dispute between India and China since May. The Chinese troops had crossed the LAC and had come to Pengong Lake, Galvan Valley. China has gathered around five thousand soldiers and is constantly getting military equipment. Regarding the killing of Indian soldiers, China has issued a statement that India should not act unilaterally or create trouble. Meanwhile, there is news that there was no firing on the border but stones were thrown at each other, in which a colonel and two soldiers of the Indian Army were killed.


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