New Swift Hybrid SG and Swift Hybrid SL Unveiled In India


A brand new Maruti Suzuki Hybrid Swift hatchback car has been unveiled with an impressive mileage of 35 Kmpl in Japan. This hybrid system automatically stops the internal combustion engine and switches to EV driving when the vehicle is running at a constant speed or creeping in traffic.

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The car comes in two variants – Swift Hybrid SG and Swift Hybrid SL.

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The new variants use the same 1.2-litre Petrol engine that generates 91hp. Suzuki has gone ahead and added a 10 kW Motor Generator Unit (MGU) and a 5-speed Auto Gear Shift (AGS) gearbox.

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Sources have revealed that Maruti Suzuki Swift Hybrid price in India could range between Rs 7 lakh to Rs 8 lakh.

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The Hybrid Swift has currently been reserved for sale in the Japanese market, the company has not revealed its plans for launching it in other parts of the world. Suzuki has topped up the car with two driving modes for brisk driving and driving with priority on fuel efficiency by increasing the frequency of EV driving.

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Swift Hybrid weighs within 1,000kg range qualifying it for eco-car tax breaks in Japan.

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