Number of doctors in US is less than 2.9


Recent figures of the OECD show that in many nations of the world, the number of doctors per thousand people is very low. Germany has 4.3 physicians per thousand people and Spain has 3.9 physicians.

The number of doctors in the US is slightly less than 2.9. There are about two doctors per thousand people in China. At the same time, the situation of Hindustan is the most useless among the major nations of the world.

The outbreak of Kovid-19, after many other nations of the world, is now increasing the troubles of India. In such a situation, the world is looking towards the people associated with the medical field. In almost every country of the world, doctors, nurses and other medical workers are constantly working for the treatment of patients and to deal with this epidemic. Due to this, many times they themselves also get infected. As conditions are worsening in the world, the challenges of people associated with the medical field are also increasing. In such a situation, it is important to know how many doctors are there in the major nations of the world according to the population.


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