Pearl Harbour Military Base Shooting


Air Marshal RKS Bhadauria, chief of the Indian Air Force, IAF, and a team of Air Force officers were present at the historic Pearl Harbor military base in the US on Thursday when a gunman opened fire in Hawaii. At least three people have been injured in the shootout, while two are in critical condition. The team of Indian Air Force officers is safe. Air Force Chief RKS Bhadoria was visiting Hawaii for the Pacific Air Force Chiefs Conference (PACS-2019) at the US military base in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, USA. A team of Air Force officers was visiting the US military base to discuss regional security issues.

Military officials said, before being shot himself, a US Navy sailor shot and injured three people on Wednesday at the historic military base in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam said on Twitter that the three injured victims were all civilians working for the US Department of Defense, but no information was provided about their status. A spokesperson for joint base Pearl Harbor-Hickam confirmed that a shooting had taken place but declined to provide any further details.

It was said on Twitter that the incident took place around 2:30 pm. Due to the ongoing security incident, the entrances / gates for #JBPHH are closed. Officials said that when it becomes available, officials will provide more information. Media reports said that at least three people were injured in the attack, which took place at Drydock 2 of Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard. An anonymous witness told the air media in an on-air interview that he saw the gunman shooting at him with a gun to his head.


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