PM Modi’s friend Donald Trump is not interested in Apple company coming to India, says – Tax will be imposed on production outside America


Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s special friend and US President Donald Trump does not want the gadget company Apple to set up its manufacturing plant in India. On doing this, he threatened to impose a new tax. In an interview, Donald Trump said that if companies want to go to more countries including India or Ireland, then the government can impose a new tax on them.

In fact, in the coron virus epidemic, many big companies are preparing to shift from China to other countries including India, including iPhone maker Apple. Apart from preparing to do some production in India, the US government will definitely give a little shock.

Trump said that if they close their borders like other countries, Apple will have to do all its production in the US. Trump further said that if a company produces outside of America, then it should be taxed. Trump said he wanted to bring manufacturing companies back to the US.


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