PM Narendra Modi’s appeal to his countrymen, put on the door or balcony of the house for 9 minutes on Sunday night, light a candle or mobile flash light


In the midst of a nationwide lockdown over the Corona crisis, PM Narendra Modi gave a video message to the nation today. During this time, the PM once again appealed to people to stay in their homes. On 5 April Sunday at 9 pm, PM Modi switched off the lights of his house and came to the balcony or door, pleading to light the candle or flash light of the mobile. PM Modi said that the nationwide lockdown during the Corona global epidemic is taking nine days today. During this time, the way you all have introduced both discipline and service is unprecedented. PM Modi said that it is definitely time for lockdown, we are definitely in our homes, but none of us is alone. The collective power of 130 crore countrymen rests with every person.

PM Modi said in his address that the administration, administration and people have tried their best to handle this situation in a good way. He said that the way you thanked everyone who fought against Corona on Sunday, March 22, it has also become an example for all countries. The PM said that Janata Janardhana is considered as the form of God here. When the country is fighting such a big battle, people should be constantly interviewing the superpower of the people. In the midst of darkness, we have to go towards light.

PM Modi further said that on this Sunday 5 April, we all have to meet and challenge the darkness of the Corona crisis, it has to show the power of light. On this 5 April, we have to awaken the superpower of 130 crore countrymen. Turn off all the lights of the house, at the door of the house or in the balcony, while standing, light a candle, lamp, flashlight or mobile flashlight for 9 minutes and if at that time turn off all the lights of the house. When every person will light one lamp all around. Then you will feel that superpower of light, in which we are all fighting for the same purpose, it will be revealed. In that light, in that light, in that light, let us resolve in our mind that we are not alone, no one is alone. 130 crore countrymen are determined with the same resolve. PM Modi once again said that during this time, no one has to gather anywhere.


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