Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave this big message on corona virus, know the statement of Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee


Speaking on the lockdown in the country due to Corona, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee said on Friday that the state is already running at a loss of thousands of crores of rupees, but she is proud that her government still retains the salaries of the employees Is able to deliver.

 He said that the state government has allocated Rs 35,10,200 for social pension for two months. Mamta told the secretariat journalists that- you also know how much loss we have suffered due to this lockdown? A few thousand crores, nothing is earned, only expenses have been incurred. Only our government has given salary to its employees on the first date, otherwise what would those poor people eat.

He said that there are many states which, like West Bengal, are not buried under the huge loan of the center, but they have emptied their treasury during the lockout. There are many states that do not need to repay a loan of Rs 50,000 crore like us, yet their coffers are empty. There are many states that cannot give full salary to the employees, some have paid only 40 per cent. But I am proud to be able to do this.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has urged people to turn off the rest of the lights of the house by lighting the lights, candles or lamps of their mobile phones at 9.9 pm on 5 April. On this, Mamta said that those who follow the PM’s message, they can follow their instructions. Mamta said that – PM will speak his mind and I will say my words. I cannot interfere in anyone else’s issue, if you feel that the PM has said something good, then follow it, it is a personal decision.

Significantly, the outbreak of the dreaded Corona virus which has caused havoc all over the world is continuously increasing in India. The Tablighi Jamaat issue in Nizamuddin Markaz, Delhi has seen a huge increase in the cases of corona virus in the country and on Saturday it crossed 2900. At the same time, 68 people have lost their lives and 183 people have become completely well due to this dangerous Kovid-19 epidemic or they have been discharged from the hospital. According to the updated data of the Health Ministry till 9 am on Saturday morning, out of a total of 2901 cases of corona virus in the country, 2650 cases are active. While Maharashtra is at the top of the table with 484 cases, the number of infected people has increased after the Markaz issue in Delhi and this figure has reached 400. In Tamil Nadu, 418 issues have come up, while in Kerala the number of positive cases has increased to 338.


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