Rafale aircraft will come to Ambala by two o’clock, will be welcomed with water shower


Rafale imported from France is reaching India today. Five Rafale aircraft will arrive at Ambala Airbase Base Camp by noon. Before the landing of Rafael, the police has set security in the entire area. Section 144 has been imposed in villages adjoining the military base including Dhulkot, Baldev Nagar, Garnala and Panjkhowra and prohibiting the submission of four or more people. Strong security arrangements have been made in view of Rafale’s landing in Ambala, from photography to the presence of people on the roofs of the house has been banned so that no one can take the landing video or photo of Rafael. This is very important in terms of security. Air Force Chief RKS himself to receive five Rafale fighter jets. Bhadoria is present at Ambala base camp. Rafael to be water saluted at Ambala airbase

The Rafale aircraft took off from the Merignac airbase in the French port city of Bordu on Monday. These aircraft will reach Ambala on Wednesday afternoon after covering a distance of about 7,000 km. Between Monday and Wednesday, the Rafale aircraft stopped in the United Arab Emirates, which took off from around eleven o’clock this morning. Rafael took off from Al Dafra in UAE at around 11 am. According to the information, if the weather is not favorable in Ambala and its surroundings, then the landing of these Rafale jets will be at Jodhpur airbase. Ambala and airbase are strategically and strategically important.

According to Air Force officials, the fleet of five Rafale aircraft will consist of three seats with one seat and two seats with two seats. Significantly, on 23 September 2016, India signed a deal of Rs 59,000 crore to buy 36 Rafale fighter aircraft from French aerospace company Dassault Aviation. Although there was a ruckus on it, but finally the Rafale deal was completed and now five Rafale aircraft are going to join the Indian Air Force fleet. These aircraft will be inducted into Squadron Number 17 in the Indian Air Force on Wednesday afternoon, also known as ‘Golden Arrows’.


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