Ramdev said on Coronil – What will the coat-only research do, the dhotis cannot, we have taken the license


The High Court has issued a notice to the Assistant Solicitor General of India on a PIL filed on behalf of Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev in the case of Coronil Lauching, a treatment drug for Corona. In such a situation, Ramdev while addressing the media said that we sent the data of clinical trial of coronil to Ministry of AYUSH, all approvals were taken by Ministry of AYUSH. We followed all the parameters. Make an FIR, call it traitor or say terrorist does not matter. He said that working inside yoga in India is a crime. An FIR was lodged against me. Have I committed a crime by making medicine, if you cannot welcome me, do not despise me. Only the ones with coat tie will do research, the dhoti cannot. Ramdev said that now that we have kept the data of clinical control trial about a corona in front of the country, a storm arose. The roots of those drug mafia, multinational company mafia, Indian and anti-Indian forces were shaken. Baba Ramdev said – the way cases are filed against the traitor, where are the cases filed, where will this mentality take us, we have been working together for 35 years, both of us come from normal family, so people feel chilly. In the last three decades, we have taught yoga to millions of people. Now when the Ministry also said that the clinical trial was done, people were cured in three days, we approved all the approvals, now that the trial has been done on the corona after taking all the approvals.

The reality of Ayurveda will neither suppress, nor allow it to disappear
Ramdev said that the Ministry of AYUSH has said that the work done by Patanjali for Kovid Management is correct. Some people must be happy with this. Let us know that we have used management words, not treatment. We will not let the reality of Ayurveda be suppressed nor erased in the glut of words.

The biggest danger is the corona lang
The yoga guru said that in this whole trial it was seen that the biggest danger to the patient is when the corona virus enters our lang, if the germ went in, it goes inside the body and makes many germs like it. When we tried the trial, we saw that these things are under control. Those who had increased the disease to level 6, they came down to one or two levels. What we did in the trial is the scientific data and which has been given to the Ministry. Before that, Acharya Balakrishna, Managing Director of Patanjali Ayurved Limited, has tweeted that whatever information was sought from us, we have given it to the Ministry of AYUSH. Has given Balakrishna tweeted, ‘This government is giving encouragement and glory to Ayurveda. The communication gap that has gone away. All the standard parameters of clinical trials are 100% fulfilled. We have given all this information to the Ministry of AYUSH. ” Actually, after the launch of Coronil, a PIL filed by Mani Kumar, advocate of the High Court, said that the divine pharmacy company of Patanjali Yogpeeth has got rid of global epidemic corona. Claimed to make coronil medicine. Ramdev, along with his colleague Acharya Balakrishna, launched the drug in Haridwar on Tuesday. The petitioner states that Ramdev has not complied with the rules in this regard.


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