Rather than spending money & hours in nail salon take care of your nails at home with these effective tips

Woman in a nail salon receiving a manicure by a beautician; Shutterstock ID 154608623; PO: today.com

Winter season always remind you of warm cozy blankets and a hot cup of cocoa and the cold temperatures also bring along cracked, breakable, cracked and craggy nails. As the dry and cold air can be rough, especially on your hands and fingertips, it is important that you follow a winter-appropriate nails beauty procedure:

When choosing the perfect hand cream, or lotion for ones with alpha hydroxyl acids, lanolin or urea- all of which can help retain moisture in the skin. You can also use a regular winter cream body to massage into your nails. If your nails are painted, simply massage some cream into the cuticles to help stimulate and encourage healthy growth.

Washing and drying your hands continuously during the winter can make the natural moisture of the nails go away and leaving them breakable. It is best advised to wear gloves while doing any kind of household chores to protect them from repeatedly getting wet. Also, when you are not doing any household chores then after washing them, massage it with any oil and then let them dry off naturally.

Your diet is the most important aspect for your healthy nails, try to get protein, calcium and vitamins as without getting them, makes your nails dry and breakable. Also, try to keep yourself hydrated by drinking 8 to 10 glasses of water daily.

Cut them regularly and keep them short as longer nails increase the chances of breaking and always file your nails in one direction to avoid breaking. After shower and washing hands it is not advisable to file your nails as wet nails are more easy to break.

Stop applying nail paints for so long, so that the nails can breathe and apply once in a while. While removing it make sure that the nail polish remover does not contain any acetone as it can make your nails damage and dry.

Once in a week you can also soak your nails in lukewarm water for 10 minutes and after then apply cuticle oil and before going for a shower apply some amount of oil into your cuticles and while showering massage the oil in for at least a few minutes.


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