Ruckus on the picture, Shashi Tharoor said – By showing yourself bigger than Rama, happy people, what part of Shri Ramcharitmanas have you learned?


The Bhoomi Poojan program for construction of Ram temple in Ayodhya on Wednesday was completed without any hindrance. Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself laid the foundation of the temple. But with this a controversy has also started and that dispute is about a picture which many BJP leaders have shared on social media. Actually, in this picture, PM Modi is seen taking the hand of Shri Ram Chandra Ji to the temple.

There is a ruckus on this picture itself, people are living that it is a good thing to consider PM Modi as an ideal, but you made PM Modi’s height in this picture bigger than Shri Ram, is it okay? That Lord Ram who is the ideal of crores of people all over the world, Ram Charit Manas, who gets inspiration from millions of people by reading, who is the symbol of faith of crores of people, can his stature be shorter than PM Modi? Did PM Modi become so big that he would hold Lord Ram’s hand and take him to the temple?

BJP leader from Karnataka Shobha Karandlaje also tweeted this photo in which PM Modi is going towards the temple by holding finger of Lord Ram. On this tweet, Congress leader Shashi Tharoor wrote that neither love is learned, neither sacrifice is learned, nor compassion is learned, nor anurag is learned, by showing himself bigger than Rama, you are happy, what part of Shri Ramcharitmanas has you learned The

Significantly, on Wednesday, when Prime Minister Narendra Modi went to see Ramlala, he paid obeisance at the temple. Not only this, he also took soil from the place of Bhoomi Poojan and applied it on his forehead, but BJP leaders are sharing such a picture in which PM Modi is seen bigger than Lord Ram, which certainly cannot be justified.


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