Scientists claim, this drug can make vaccine of Kovid-19 but


Amid the devastation of the corona virus, another experiment of scientists has emerged as an expectation for the whole world. A cigarette maker, American-British Tobacco Company, has claimed to have made the vaccine between Kovid-19 to Jang. The company may soon start testing it on humans.

According to a Bloomberg report, a pre-clinical test of this vaccine from the American-British Tobacco (BAT) company has seen good results on immunity. Now very soon the first phase of the vaccine’s human trial is going to start.

London-based cigarette maker Lucky Strike said, “If the drug regulator authority permits this trial, the first phase of the human trial of the vaccine will be started by the end of June.”

Scientists all over the world are making efforts day and night to make the corona virus vaccine. In this race, more than 100 vaccine candidates are trying to make medicine, in which there are many countries besides America, Europe, China.

A British-American tobacco company rival, Philip Morris International, is also testing an immunodeficiency vaccine. Kentucky, a subsidiary of BAT, uses tobacco plants to make bioprocessing experimental vaccines.

BAT claims that this method of making the vaccine is faster than traditional methods. At this time we need to make the vaccine as soon as possible and this process can also reduce the time taken to make the vaccine.

The company claims that the effect of the corona vaccine being made with the help of tobacco plant is completely opposite to other related products. However, the WHO has already issued a warning to people who smoke or consume tobacco. Every year around 8 million people die due to tobacco all over the world.


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