Think big if you want to achieve big


Life is really a short journey where you just have to give your best and perform well. As it is very important to live fully and give your best because the only thing that matters is what you did in your life.

To achieve anything, to make anything, to perform anything or else to create anything, what one has to do at very first is.. Dream. Think about your choices, about your wants, about your needs, and everything that you want in your life. It’s true that life is not easy, there are many difficulties and their is so much competition in market that one can’t even imagine. But remember one thing, nothing is impossible. if you are deserving enough, if you are willing to do something big then no one can stop you.

Once APJ Abdul kalam sir gave a beautiful statement that “LOW AIM IS A CRIME” which means if your dreams, expectations, goals and desires are small then it’s like a crime that you have committed because it’s really important for a person to have some goal in life otherwise the life may seem useless.

One can only achieve something big if they have enough guts and courage to think something big and different. Every other person who achieved some milestone in life once mocked by people for having goals and thinking beyond their reach and expectations.

However it’s possible that in starting when you have nothing to explain and support your thoughts, society, your friends, even family will make fun of you or else go against you or may be don’t support your ideas but that never give up spirit should not be forgotten.


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