Third World War will be sparked by the death of Iranian General Qasim Suleimani! Americans in Iraq asked to leave the country


In Iraq’s capital Baghdad, the US military on Thursday night airstrike killed Iranian commander General Qasim Sulemani. This has increased the tension between Iran and America. President Donald Trump himself ordered this attack. The US military has told in an official statement that Iranian commander Sulaimani was killed in a drone strike. Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani has directly threatened the US and said that this act will be avenged. In the midst of heightened tension between the US and Iran, the fragrance of the Third World War broke out.

The US embassy in Baghdad has advised all US citizens living in Iraq to leave the country and go far. The embassy has appealed that as soon as possible, American citizens should move to another country by air or road. After the US drone attack in Baghdad, the rebel Shiite army in Iraq has announced to be ready for war with its fighters. Because of this, the Anti-Terrorist Army of Iraq has been given the responsibility of protecting the US Embassy.

After the death of Qasim Sulemani, there has been anger in Iran. Thousands of people are taking rallies on the streets in the capital Tehran and rallies against America. A three-day state mourning has been announced in Iran. European Union President Charles Michael condemned this and said that violence should stop on Iran.

America killed Kasim Sulemani in this way-
Qasim Sulemani was the Chief of a Force of the Revolutionary Guard Corp of Iran. The United States has banned this organization from being declared a terrorist organization. The US claims that Qasim Sulemani was planning an attack on American civilians and the military.

Qasim Sulaimani arrived in Baghdad Airport on Thursday to meet Iraqi-Iranian military commander Abu Mehdi Al Muhandis from Syria or Lebanon. Muhandis himself arrived to receive Sulaimani. He and 7 other people were killed in a US drone attack when Sulaimani was meeting people at the airport.

This attack was so dangerous that the body of Qasim Sulemani became deformed. It was also difficult to identify them. The White House said in its statement that the attack was carried out following the order of President Donald Trump. Soon after the attack, Trump sent a tweet depicting the American flag.


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