This is how Neha Dhupia reacted on being trolled over her controversial statement


Bollywood actress Neha Dhupia is constantly being trolled on social media, during the audition of reality show ‘Roadies Revolution’, Neha has been subjected to controversy since she spoke to a contestant who slapped a girl.

On the show, a contestant told that his girlfriend cheated on him because of which he slapped his girlfriend, he had made five more boyfriends besides me. Just listening to this, Neha got angry and said a lot of abusive words to the boy and said that this is the girl’s choice and this is her choice with whom she hangs out. Maybe the problem is with you. If she is cheating, then she is probably not happy with you and nothing gives you the right to raise a hand on a girl.

After being constantly trolled, Neha gave this statement on social media ‘I have been associated with Roadies for the last five years and have enjoyed it. It takes me to every corner of India and gives me an opportunity to meet and work with the rock stars of the country. I do not like and accept what has been happening for the past two weeks. In one episode I voiced against violence. A contestant told that his partner cheated on him and in return he raised his hand on the girl. What the girl did was her choice. I do not support cheating and it is unfortunate that I am misunderstood, I am concerned about the safety of women. ‘

Every person has his own choice and has every right to walk according to his likes and dislikes. But it is not right to be physical with anyone. For the past two weeks, not only my pages but also my family, friends and teammates are also getting messages. My father’s WhatsApp is also full of abuses, even on my daughter’s page people are writing abuses and I do not tolerate this at all.

Neha further says that I am strongly against physical abuse. Whatever I want, I will always stand against it. It is evident that a man has more physical force than a woman. Domestic violence with women is a major problem not only in India but worldwide. If anyone is a victim of this, then feel free to raise their voice against it, keep in mind that they are not alone.


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